If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.
If I spoke of whispers coming from the land to answer the questions in my heart…of giants smiling as they sit beside me…of sinking into the pepper tree to learn it’s slow gentle breathing in order to be unseen…of rising and swaying on a raft made of snakes after the primal voices of animals new and forgotten sing to the watchers above to grant us passage and see our pure intent…of skies that swirl and flash with the forming of a new world…of winds that hurl the calling of my heart in the night air and slightly open the clouds to reveal the hovering grandfathers…the star nation…as the stardust dances in the eyes of the shaman, the nahual, the one that guides and fills my heart.20190904_211031.jpg

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Pet your Pet…feel the benefits ;)

Pay Attention To Your Animal Friends…lord knows they’re paying attention to you 🙂

Your pets are just waiting to make you happy.  They watch your every move, study your face for emotion and long to be petted and played with.  They need a lot of nurturing but they are more than willing to return the favor.

Animals are healers in many ways.  Studies have shown that the frequency of a cat’s purr can aid with healing.  Whenever I do energy work in my home, my cats have always loved to join the healing session by hopping up on the table and lying on or next to the recipient.  Cats are also known for being able to transmute heavy energy into light energy.

Dogs have their own special healing abilities.  Studies have shown that people who have dogs generally have lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and reduced stress.    Dogs have been known to alert their owners of health issues by sniffing areas (cancer) of disease.

Our pets are healers.  If your feeling down, just go sit next to them.  Chances are they will do something silly to make you laugh, or curl up with you and make you feel loved. 😉

If you don’t already have a pet or just want more, please look to your local humane societies and animal shelters to adopt.

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Be Flexible…I know it can be a “stretch” ;)

Stretching is not only good for your body, it is good for your mind and spirit.  When you stretch, on a physical level you can relieve tension, aches and pains and become more fit.  On a spiritual level, it helps you to reach even further than you did the day before.  Stretching everyday helps you to become more flexible in your body and your life.  The best part is, the more you stretch your body, the more you are willing and able to stretch in your life.  Bend in life, be less rigid…it can be done with grace and ease.

P.S.  make sure you gently stretch your neck, it will enable you too see all around you…not just what is in front of you at the moment. 😉

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Fall Into Grace

This is the perfect time of year to take a look at all we have grown and harvested.  Keep what we love and let go of what no longer serves us.

Fall Activity 🙂

What You’ll Need

1. Poster board (size is up to you)

2. Colored pencils, paints, markers or crayons

3. Fall stickers (optional)

On your poster board draw a pumpkin patch.  On each pumpkin write something that you have seeded, grown and harvested this year, something you are grateful for.  Next, draw a big tree somewhere on your poster.  Think of all the things in your life this year that you are letting go of to make room for more growth.  Draw falling leaves.  On each leaf, write the things or situations that you are releasing.  Color and add stickers for decoration.

This activity helps us to relate to the fall season and it’s deeper meaning in a fun way.  It is a time for harvesting and just like leaves dropping from trees, we are also dropping what is not for our highest good and making room for new growth.

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